With Modeer your searching mission to find labor or technician in any required field became easier with a button click:

Modeer Officials and a team work of Services providers are working to satisfy the desires of the customers, by working to provide outstanding services of the highest quality to the service applicant, from the beginning of the request until the completion of the entire project, and the evaluation of the service provider, so that the applicant participates in raising the level of services provided in Modeer, according to the best assessment which prove the quality of his work, in order to benefit from this evaluation as many as possible service applicants, with the commitment of the service applicant to carry out all the work always through a Modeer to preserve the rights of all parties and Disclaimer for (Modeer).

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Know about Modeer

Your works become easier with Modeer

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About Logo
About Modeer

All of us are looking for quality and workmanship wherever they are, which drives each of us to hire the experienced and efficient, so as to provide excellent professional services in any home, company or institution.

If you are skilled or experienced in any of the fields of engineering, contracting, maintenance, supplies, etc., you are welcome to join the our team with the application " Modeer" , then you will get the opportunity to communicate with your customers from everywhere, and will be able to provide your services professionally and the first credential in choosing Your services will be exclusively on the evaluation of customers and how satisfied about your services.
Because we are fully aware of the need of our customers and their passion for special services with magnificent Quality by qualified and trained team in various service areas, we have been keen to provide these services all at once in an application that combines both premium service providers and customers who are in need for it.

Service Provider (Modeer Partner)

Modeer's great challenges

• Provide an integrated service until the delivery of the project.
• Ensure the quality factor and credibility with the client.
• Full discipline and commitment to the time of completion of the work assigned to him.
• We will work in a Modeer to strive to always highlight these efforts to give everyone his right.
• With us you will be one of the pioneers of your field and will see your achievements in Modeer one after another.

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The most important features of the application

Modeer application gives both the client and the service provider a variety of features, the most notably

Client App

• Fast & Easy:

Save time and effort by Selecting from a list of the most professional, skilled and experienced service providers.

• Quality & Competitive prices:

Ensure quality, workmanship and security with competitive prices.

• Select by Rating:

Select according to the service provider's rating and previous work.

Service providers App

• Be with your customers:

Via Modeer be always with your customers and those interested in your services as a reliable seller.

• Your quality = your rating:

The evaluation policy will increase customer orders.

• Expand your business:

Via Modeer market your business on the widest and increase your income.

Why Modeer?

We aim to provide everything you need in various fields of engineering, maintenance, contracting and supply through a team of qualified technical personnel professionally in various fields.

Modeer provide an emergency filter feature which enable our users by switching emergency search mode to show only the available emergency service providers in emergency cases.

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We have your request

The application provides a bundle of different services include a list of elite technicians and different service providers.

Request easily

In simple steps choose the service then choose the technician and write the details of your Request and set the visite date and time then send your request easily in the least time from your place.

Rate the Service

Rate the service provider after completion to improve the service continuously.

Join Modeer team

If you are an experienced service provider with us you will be able to market your business on the widest and reap the fruits of your business all you need to download the application Then register to join Modeer team manager and expand the scope of your business.

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We have a bundle of services provided by a number of qualified technical personnel professionally

• A world of maintenance

• Electrician and wiring • Plumbing and Sanitary Materials • Carpentry • Home decoration and gypsum • Dyes and paints • Aluminum and glass • Water and thermal insulation • Maintenance of elevators • Blacksmithing and ironworks • Tiled • Pesticide • Inspect leaks and buildings • Pergolas and roof • Swimming pools • Agriculture and Planting • Cleaning services

• Engineering and design offices

• Engineering design and consultancy offices
• Interior design offices

• General contracting

• Apartments fully finished or without finishing • Building carpenter • Smith • Masons • Electrician building foundation • Founding buildings plumber • Building • Asphalt and paving • Floor installation • Exterior Cement Decorations • Demolition of buildings

• Suppliers

• Building materials
• Concrete
• Equipment Rental